Gin Spritz + Bourbon Smash + Rum Mojito

An iconic trio of our three cocktails, because why choose if you don’t have to? Our Sampler pack includes a 4-pack of each of our drinks. You’ll have enough to share. Or not. That’s up to you.


Oh yeah, did we mention it’s only $4 per cocktail?


4x Gin Spritz: 

Sipping notes: Dry, botanical, floral.

Ingredients: Gin, Amaro, Lemon, Hibiscus, Soda Water, (0g added sugar).


4x Bourbon Smash:

Sipping notes: Citrus, caramel, toast.

Ingredients: Bourbon, black tea, lemon, mint, 4g cane sugar. 


4x Rum Mojito:

Sipping notes: Dry, bubbly, tart.

Ingredients: Rum, soda water, mint, lime, 3g cane sugar.


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